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Traveling with Laureen

A warm wind blowing
Across the Shuswap
Moonlight shimmering
On the waves
Dancing under the stars
To an old country song
Songs of lost love
And days long gone
Dreaming of things to come
Climbing the Devil’s staircase
On the Stein Valley Trail
A blazing sun beating down
At times a cool breeze
From the purple mountains above
Soaking our feet
In the raging water of the river
That lifted our spirits and kept us going
The ferry across the mighty Fraser
To the motel and cold Corona beer
Drinking wine on the porch in Lytton
Making bets on a flashing star
Searching for Venus
The goddess of love
In the dark night sky
A breakfast of eggs benedict and bear claws
Buying baubles at a powwow in Kamloops
Then traveling home
Under a girls-go-crazy moon

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