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After the Flood

Rain fell from the sky
cleansing the land
covering all that lived
with retribution
for the waste
and dissipation
that fell
upon this sacred land
that the Great Manitou
created for us to live
in harmony with
those that were here
A huge log floating
in the distance
with the setting sun
casting its reflection
on the water
creating a refuge
for the Manitou Nanaboozhoo
who lived on this earth
the son of Sky Woman
fathered by the west wind
The animals and birds of the forest
also took sanctuary
from the raging torrents

attempted to retrieve
a clump of earth
from the ocean floor
diving unsuccessfully
time after time
then the beaver
loon fisher and marten
finally a voice said
let me try and
was met with laughter and derision
but Nanaboozhoo spoke out and
the small muskrat dove
deep into the water
A long time went by
when a shape
appeared on the surface of the water
and the unconscious muskrat
was pulled over to the log
and his hand gently pried open and
there was a small ball of earth

The turtle was swimming along and
called out that he
would make the sacrifice
to revive the earth
The small ball of earth
was placed on the
back of the turtle who then
descended into the depth
to grow and again become the
refuge and haven for all

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