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Love and Loss

She stood by the road
Her back to the wind and the driving snow
She was headed west, where she didn’t know
I picked her up on a cold winter morn
Driving through Wabigoon

Long empty nights with a useless man
Had crushed her spirit and bruised her soul
She didn’t want much and she didn’t care
Anything was better than being back there

She was a farmer’s wife
With a winning smile and jet black hair
Her hands were strong yet soft and warm
Her soothing voice calmed my demons down
And our hearts beat in rhythm
When we ly down

We were Nomads drifting
On the open road
Holding hands and singing songs
In an old green truck
Our gear in the back under an oil-stained tarp
Trying to survive our shattered dreams

She wanted to stop and build a nest
Abide in a quiet and stable place
I was a wanderer who kept moving on
Search for ghosts?
Make amends?
I don’t know

It ended quietly
On a cruel autumn night
I held her tight and kissed her through the tears
Said goodbye
Then let her off in Wabigoon

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