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Seven Clans Anishinawbe

Join me on a journey
Of the mind
A quest for an understanding
Of who we are
And where we came from
A world of wonder
A time of magic
Alive with the spirit
Of the Manitou
We will travel on the wings
Of the thunderbird
Looking for signs of our past
Left for us to see
By artists of long ago
Still breathing on the rocks below
The Great Mystery
Entrusted us with the four elements
Fire air earth and water
Sky Women taught us the aspects
Of human nature
Physical mental emotional and spiritual
The gift of the Clans
Crane Loon Bear Fish Bird Marten Deer
Each with the responsibility
Of the Anishinawbe way of life
The tellings of the elders
Of the traditions and spirituality
Instilled in us to witness and entrust
To those who follow
There is a sense of pride and self-respect
And they are the steps we must follow

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